Is It An All-Wheel Drive Or A Four-Wheel Drive System?

There is always a tough choice in deciding to acquire an all-wheel or a four-wheel drive system vehicle suitable for you. There exists some misinterpretation of these two cars, but we deliver you proper guidance to decide which drive system suits you.

AWD system is a drivetrain which makes front, center and back differentials to produce power to all four wheels. Whereas, the 4WD system engages two differentials with a transfer case to offer control to all wheels. Cars and crossovers are usually all-wheel-drive systems equipped while four-wheel drive system is mostly for trucks and SUVs. Both vehicle drivetrain systems have good acceleration, but a 4WD arrangement has a better traction while driving slippery and steep roads. It much depends on the terrain you will be conducting your driving for a specific drivetrain for this category of vehicles.

We here at Lithia Toyota of Missoula are proud to guide you through in determining the best car drivetrain system. Visit us in Missoula for a test drive today.

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