Transporting Hot and Cold Perishable Food Safely


It is essential to remember to follow safety procedures when traveling with perishable food this holiday season. You should keep in mind that your family's health relies on your careful food handling techniques. Here are a few tips when transporting hot or cold food:

  • Avoid keeping your food between 40 to 140 degrees F for more than two hours. Bacteria grows faster in this range, hence it is crucial to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold
  • In case you're carrying cooked meat, it is safe to transport it chilled and in an insulated cooler. You could reheat it when you reach your destination.
  • Consider using baking dishes or slow cookers with insulated cases to carry your hot or cold as they are ideal for further destinations.

We at Lithia Toyota of Missoula wish all our clients and your families a happy holiday season. Don't take the chance, keep your loved ones safe.

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