Dashboard Warning Lights Provide Vital Information

Just as traffic lights communicate how to navigate the road, your dashboard lights are a communication tool to help you navigate your car. They tell you when the car mechanical and system functions are operational, when they need to be checked out and when there are serious problems and safety issues. How they do this is by using a system of hieroglyphics (pictorial symbols) and colored lights. These vary with the model and make of your car.

Colors also indicate the seriousness of the problem. A green or blue light show that your functions are active and working well. A yellow or orange light indicates a component that needs to be serviced or repaired in which case there is need to contact us Lithia Toyota of Missoula through our helpline. A red light indicates that there is a serious problem or safety issue that needs immediate professional attention.

Some common dashboard warning lights include:

  • Brake warning light - When red, it means that there is a serious problem with your brakes.
  • Temperature warning light - When red, it means that the engine is too hot and when it’s blue, it means that the coolant temperature is too low.
  • Battery charging system - This is mostly red, and it indicates either a bad battery or a failing alternator.
  • Fuel notification - It's mostly yellow, and it indicates that fuel in the tank is low.

For any further assistance on the meaning of the lights, servicing and maintenance, contact us or visit our showroom located in Missoula, MT.

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