Toyota Camry Safety Features Turning Heads This Year

Toyota once again has released a midsize sedan that is getting a lot of attention. The safety features in the Camry are exceeding even the expectations of the most safety-conscious drivers.

The new Toyota Camry comes packed with the Star Safety System. Included in this package are six (6) features designed to make driving safer in any highway conditions. The package includes brake assistance technology, anti-lock braking system, brake-force technology, vehicle-stability control, smart-stop system, and vehicle traction control.

The Camry also has a Blind Spot Monitor that will alert the driver if any vehicle gets in either blind spot. Either mirror will light up and make a sound to give you warning to steer away from the blind spot. The Rear-Cross Traffic monitor can detect a car coming on the side when you are in reverse and flash the mirrors to alert you.

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