We at Lithia Toyota of Missoula are proud to offer the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid for lease and sale in Missoula. This popular hybrid crossover SUV has five different driving modes. The Eco Mode improves fuel economy by reducing acceleration. EV or electric vehicle mode turns your Toyota RAV4 Hybrid into an electric vehicle and powers the vehicle from the electric battery.

The Sport Mode improves your acceleration. Trail Mode makes the brakes apply to each wheel individually. The result is improved traction when you are on rough, uneven or slippery terrain. Standard Normal Mode balances economy, acceleration and traction and is perfect for everyday driving.

Another interior feature you will find useful in the RAV4 Hybrid is the available 7-inch color information display screen. It can provide you with GPS driving directions, alerts and more. The widescreen color display lets you easily see the info you need with a quick glance while keeping focused on the road ahead.



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