Toyota Avalon isn't your average full-size sedan. Sure, it has tons of cabin room, cargo space, safety features and impressive fuel efficiency. Its technology features are also rather advanced, user friendly and purely luxurious. Here are two that our team at Lithia Toyota of Missoula want to share with you.

In-Dash iPhone Controller

Thanks to Apple CarPlay, you can use Avalon's multimedia system as your iPhone controller, accessing your phone's media, contacts and messages as you drive. You can also get turn-by-turn directions/maps and have them displayed on Avalon's multimedia system screen for easier reading and navigation through Missoula.

Toyota Avalon & Qi

In addition to syncing your iPhone with Avalon, you can also use Avalon to charge your phone wirelessly. Avalon boasts a Qi charging station underneath its center stack. It has a non-slip surface to prevent compatible smartphones from tumbling here and there as you swing turns on your daily commute. Discover these and more Toyota Avalon technology features today.


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